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Hate Hot Chocolate? I Try Lucocoa’s Cocoa Tea

First off, how can you hate hot chocolate??!! If your idea of hot chocolate is mixing some cheap sugar-laden powder with hot water then you need to up your hot chocolate game. if this is you, drop everything and go an read my reviews of the Hot Chocolate Shaker and the Velvetiser. You can thank me later.

If you’ve tried hot chocolate all ways (using good quality chocolate together with dairy milk, plant-based milk, or water), and you still don’t enjoy it, fear not. London-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker Lucocoa has you covered. Not only that, you’ll help divert food waste too, extracting all the benefits from the husks before they head in your food recycling bin.

Say hello to cocoa tea.


A silver metal tin with a push-close lid keeps the cacao shells in one place. Simple in design, this reusable and refillable container has a presence about it that means it could make a nice gift for friends and family. Perhaps a foodie treat to take around to a coffee morning with friends?

Lucocoa Cacao Shell Tea
Lucocoa Cacao Shell Tea

A two-tone label wraps around three sides. The front lists the Lucocoa logo, together with the strapline “not naughty / just nice”. To one side sits information about the production process, together with guidance on how to brew your chocolate tea, while the nutritional information sits on the other side.

The ingredients in this vegan-friendly product are simply roasted cocoa shells. They’re the by-product of the winnowing process.

In case you’re unfamiliar, cacao beans are roasted, and then winnowed to separate the cocoa nibs (used in the production of chocolate) from the inedible husks. Ordinarily, in most chocolate making operations, these husks end up in landfill or in food recycling plants. Some head off to the beauty industry for use in body scrub products, but that’s about it.

However, a select few entrepreneurs, including Lucocoa, use high quality cocoa beans in their chocolate making process, and sell their leftover cocoa shells for use at home. These cocoa shells can be steeped in hot water to impart a tasty chocolate fragrance in what I suppose could be called cocoa tea or chocolate tea.

The husks in Lucocoa Cacao Tea
A closer look at the husks, which vary in size

Per 100ml of brewed tea, there’s typically two lonely calories and half a gram of protein, with trace results for fats, carbs, fibre and salt. If you love hot chocolate but are counting calories, cocoa husk tea may well be your answer for that afternoon chocolate fix you crave.

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